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Tribute to bad fanfiction - part 1. Subara makes an entrance

Subara kicked open the door of his ute, coughed on the dust that had stirred and took a drag on his durrie. It'd been a hard day. He'd had to evict 2 bunyips from the dams at neighbouring farms, and there'd been a ghost in his dunny when he got up. He had a headache and it was hot. And to top it off, there was a beemer in his driveway.
Hell, he thought, just what I need. I visit from a ruddy suit. What a wanker of a day.
He took a last drag on his durrie, flicked it in the dirt, and put it out with his boot as he trudged up the driveway to the house.
Hokkers and her man kakkers were sitting at the kitchen table watching the suit spit some language they couldn't understand (Subara later described it as 'some bloody asian crap') into a small sleek mobile. Kakkers, whose long hair was drawn into an untidy ponytail and who was dressed in his usual flanny and ripped jeans with no shoes, eyed him warily...
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